About Us

FPC Global Corp, established in the US since 2003, is a growing and diversified International Commodity trading company.

We trade in various commodities including Refined Petroleum Products. We represent both local and international buyers and suppliers who are sourcing and supplying commodities.

Our various International buyers are based from China through to America, Africa and Europe. Our supplier relationships are more focused in the US, Russia and the Middle East and by selectively matching these networks effectively we are able to meet both supplier and client requirements. By doing this, FPC Global Corp has already created a trusted name in the market and we will strive to continue this into the future.

We favor long term strategic relationships based on integrity, trust and transparency. Our objective is to build on our trusted name and expand our approach to create a worldwide network of client and supplier partners. Together with these partners we are building a network and creating synergy and sustainability in an attempt to enhance the value to all who are engaged.

FPC Global Corp would welcome the opportunity to understand either your offer as a supplier or your requirements as a buyer, in order that we can look towards building a secure and lasting relationship that delivers on-going mutual benefit.

Above all at FPC Global Corp we value strong ethics, honesty, respect and compliance. These are and will always remain the cornerstones of our corporate development.

Also, FPC Global Corporation has formed a strategic alliance with a Fuel Title Holder company that works in conjunction with the largest US Refineries and Energy companies in the US and Europe to provide the best discount wholesale fuel prices to companies that use large quantities of fuel such as D6, IFO 380, IFO 180, D2, ULSD, JP-54, J-A1, Gasoline 87 Oct,  Gasoline 89 Oct, Gasoline 92 Oct and LNG. 

Whether you are an end-user or reseller of fuel, if you want value, consistency and reliability then you need quality fuels backed by a company you can count on.  FPC Global Corp delivers the quality products, value-added services, and cost-effective pricing you are looking for.

In addition, Fuel Performance Catalyst FPC®, marketed by FPC Global Corp. has been reducing logistical running costs and improving fuel efficiency for companies that use large amounts of fuel since 1982.

Products and services provided to major fuel consuming industries by FPC Global Corp. include fuel consumption and emission measuring systems and fuel treatment systems. These systems are supported by an engineering organization whose members have extensive experience in mining, marine and technology industries.

FPC customers cover all industries but are predominantly based in the Mining and Railroad sectors and include BHP Billiton ( the largest mining company in the world which has been using FPC for the last 23 years), Barrick Gold Corporation (the largest pure gold mining company in the world, with its headquarters in Toronto, Ontario, Canada), QR National Railroads ( the largest rail freight operator with headquarters in Brisbane, Australia), Australian Railroad Group (one of Australia's largest private rail operator), Go Transit (Ontario's inter-regional transit system, linking Toronto to the greater Toronto area and beyond which has been using FPC for the last 12 years), Ontario Northland Railway ( a Canadian Railway operated by the Ontario Northland Transportation Comission, a provincial crown agency of the government of Ontario.  It has been using FPC since 1999), Montana Rail Link ( a regional Class II railroad serving more than 100 stations in Montana, Idaho and Washington which has been using FPC for the last 15 years), PeruRail (is a railway operator working tourist, freight, and charter services in southern Peru which has been using FPC for the last 11 years) and many more– they recognize that FPC reduce smoke (particulate) emissions by up to 50%, improve fuel efficiency by up to 8% and therefore significantly reduce both their carbon footprint and their operational costs.


FPC has been tested twice using the AAR RP-503 procedure. For the first RP-503, FPC was tested on a brand-new, laboratory engine. For the second RP-503, FPC was tested on an in-service locomotive engine.

The results of the RP-503 tests were as follow:

FPC is being used by over 40 Railroad companies worldwide.  Some of these companies achieved the following results:

  • Our latest brake specific fuel consumption (BSFC) test with FPC was performed for Union Pacific Railroad at FerroMex’s operations center in Guadalajara, Mexico in September, 2011.  FerroMex is a Class I railroad operating in Mexico (Grupo Mexico owns 74% and Union Pacific owns 26% of FerroMex.) Results: The data and results were obtained using the RP-503 procedures. The average overall improvement was 4.51%.


  • Australian Railroad Group (ARG) Forrestfield, Western Australia performed a FPC Carbon Mass Balance (CMB) test.  These carefully controlled engineering standard test procedures conducted on ARG Q Class locomotive provided clear evidence of reduced fuel consumption at differing notch settings in the range 5.1% to 6.1%, averaging 5.6%. 


  • Montana Rail Link and Central Railroad Company performed a Carbon Mass Balance (CMB) test with FPC in a fleet of the four MKL SD9 locomotives.  The results provided clear evidence of reduced fuel consumption at differing notch settings in the range 6.97% to 8.12%, averaging 7.71%.  The smoke density was reduced by an average of 26.9% in the four locomotives. As a result, Montana Rail has been using FPC for the last 15 years. 


Canadian Pacific Railway performed a FPC Carbon Mass Balance (CMB) test, Bacharach True-Spot smoke spot measurements, and engine components digital camera pictures were taken on eight /St Lawrence & Hudson Railway (CPR/St L&H) locomotive engines.  Results after 500 hours of treatment: Fuel consumption was reduced 5.1% to 9.5 %., depending upon throttle setting. The overall fuel consumption reduction for the test fleet was 7.2% with FPC  treatment.


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