Product Description

Filtrogreen Filter is a bypass on-board continuous oil cleaning system that:

Removes all particles up to 1 micron in size.

Removes 100% of all water.

Works in conjunction with the equipment’s full flow filter and removes any particles in the oil likely to cause system damage.

Maximizes component life.


Standard full flow filtration at best, will filter oils down to approximately 35 microns in size in engines and 20 microns in hydraulic systems. Accelerated wear and damage occurs somewhere around 3 to 6 micron.

Using FiltroGreen continuous oil cleaning systems, you will filter the fluid down to 1 micron in size, reducing the chance of wear and ultimately reducing the number of engine failures and rebuilds that would have been needed to be performed during the life of the unit.

Neither Motor nor Hydraulic Oils “wear out” they simply get Contaminated with:

Solid Particles (poor combustion)

Water & Sulfur which cause ACID

Contamination also accelerates component wear 75 to 85% of hydraulic pump, motor, cylinder and valve failures can be tracedto contamination

Any particulate larger than 4 microns damages the engine. FiltroGreen Filtration systems remove particulates larger than 1 micron.

“80% of Engine Damage is caused by particulate matter between 5 and 20 microns.”

Water will always be present because of condensation from the heating and cooling of components in an engine.

Diesel fuel used as the source of combustion contains sulfur.

Sulfuric acid will cause accelerated wear to engine components. The FiltroGreen continuos oil cleaning systems will remove all the water eliminating the formation of sulfuric acid.